Customized Plans for weight loss without bariatric surgeries

At the Swedish Health Center, lose your excess weight like celebrities, and your dreamy body with our specialized diet and without any surgeries.

At the Swedish Health Center, No more anti-diabetic medications

Enjoy a healthy life with our specialized nutritional plans, and get rid of anti-diabetic medications.

Why Choose Us?
We Characterized by relying on trusted scientific resources that emphasize the ability of our specialized diet plans in treating various diseases including, Diabetes Mellitus Type 2 as well as obesity.

Diabetes Cure:

Several scientific pieces of research proved that specific nutritional plans could stimulate your body to reproduce the natural insulin from alpha cells again.

Obesity Treatment:

Our diet plans proved to be effective in burning excess fat and losing weight quickly without needing any surgeries.

Professor. Emad Hassan

Medical Director of the Swedish Health Center

Fellow of Royal College – London

Consultant of Internal Medicine

Member of American Diabetes Association

Specialized Health Center for Diabetes cure with Specialized Diet plans

Our specialized plans help your body stimulate the production of natural insulin to enjoy a life without anti-diabetic medications.

First Medical Center in the Middle East under the supervision of multidisciplinary medical staff with cooperation with the medical team and researchers in Sweden responsible for our clients over the world, representing the center in the MENA region

Medical Excellence:

The Swedish Health Center depends on diet plans and medications that have scientific proof of stimulating alpha cells of the pancreas to secrete insulin to control blood sugar levels.

Financial Excellence:

All services for diabetic patients are guaranteed, this means the uncontrolled sugar levels for patients in the center (according to average blood glucose readings) may retake the cost, this reflects the confidence of the Swedish Center in protocols applied in the center.

Meet our Experts:

Meet our consultants that provide you with the necessary nutritional counseling needed to treat diabetes.

Dr/ Magda Omara

Clinical Nutrition Consultant

Professor of GIT- Kasr Al Ainy Medical school

Dr/ Amr Samir

Oncology clinical nutrition specialist

Member of European Association of Clinical Nutrition


Dr/ Ahmed Khalil

Specialist of internal medicine, Heart and Diabetes

Fellow of British Univirsity

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